Zodiac Signs Who Always Keep Their Promises

Despite their ability to be cunning, Scorpios have a deep sense of self-pride. It could be difficult to get them to really make a promise to you, but once they do, they'll do everything in their power to make it come true.

Do Scorpios follow their word?

Laws and contracts are related with Scorpio; these people understand the importance of their word and don't take it lightly. (And be ready for some severe punishment if you breach a promise to Scorpio.)

neurotic and anxious Virgo constantly assesses every circumstance in an effort to be ready for the worse. If they make a commitment, it's likely that they've already considered all other options and that they believe this is the best course of action.

Do Virgos follow their word?

Virgo has a strong track record of keeping their commitments since they always do what they say they'll do.

Because of their practical sense of duty, Capricorns are unable to make any promises that they cannot properly be expected to keep. A Capricorn will save your life if you are connected with them. They'll spoil it if you're not.

Do Capricorns honour their word?

They are devoted to their loved ones and honour their commitments. They find it difficult to break promises.

They usually put their own objectives first, so unless you and they are both concerned about the same thing, their promise might be put on hold for a time. However, you can be sure that Capricorn will complete it as quickly as they can.

Leo's perception of themselves depends on how others perceive them. They'll do just about everything to maintain their good name, so you can usually rely on them to deliver what they promise.

Do Leos keep their word?

They occasionally, however, promise far more than they can offer because they are so anxious to make a good impression. Just make sure Leo is aware of all the details before accepting any promises they make to you.

Cancer is not likely to promise much when it comes to matters that are outside of their comfort zone, but they will go to great lengths to ensure that their families are taken care of and that their homes are pleasant.

Do cancers keep their word?

If you make a commitment to Cancer, you will be reminded of it for the rest of your life. They take a certain passive-aggressive delight in keeping their word. They don't want to give anyone the means to treat them unfairly in the future.

Sincere and upfront, but constantly looking to better themselves and gain the upper hand, Taurus is aware that making empty promises would not benefit them.

Do Taurus people follow their word?

If they believe they can do better, they won't be afraid to "renegotiate a deal." Taurus is unlikely to intentionally mistreat you, yet occasionally their own greed overcomes them. And if you try to confront them, they'll become really hostile. Their tendency is to be stubborn.

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