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What to keep an eye out for on Brazil’s Election Day

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Brazil’s Election Day is right around the corner.

Over 156 million people are eligible to vote, making Brazil the world’s fifth-largest democracy — after India, the US, Indonesia, and Pakistan.

Brazilians will elect their president for the next four years, but also 513 House members, 27 senators of a total of 81, governors for the country’s 27 states, and thousands of state legislators.

And the election comes with looming fears that President Jair Bolsonaro, who is in a position of disadvantage according to the polls, may try to challenge the results and overthrow the election.

This week, we’re discussing the main things you need to pay attention to on Election Day.

🗓️ Save the date: On Election Day, The Brazilian Report will host a live broadcast with special guests to comment on the electoral results and what to expect for the country after the vote is counted. Add to your calendar!

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  • Euan Marshall is an editor at The Brazilian Report and also hosts the Explaining Brazil podcast in the absence of Gustavo Ribeiro.

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